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Musica Nova International Academy of Music

Musica Nova Productions Ltd. was established in 2000 and rapidly gained recognition as a creative professional organisation with the mission to support contemporary arts, performers and as a musical instrument retail business.

In addition to the company’s very busy activity which resulted in a series of high profile and successful international concert projects, Musica Nova Productions Ltd founded the Russian Music School in London in 2001 to support young exceptionally talented children, in particular, those from the growing Russian-speaking community in London and the UK.

Having become the first Russian bilingual music school in the UK, more than 13 years ago, Musica Nova has offered quality music tuition and preparation for British Music Grade and Diploma Exams in Russian, thus creating the invaluable cultural bridge merging the different approaches to music education in Russia and Great Britain.

Due to the enormous success of the Russian Music School in the UK concept and the unique formula of a wide range of subjects and levels taught at the Musica Nova, the organisation has grown into the International Academy of Music, an internationally recognised establishment achieving impressive results.

In 2012 Musica Nova Productions Ltd received the “Creative Business of the Year Award” from Camden and Islington Chamber of Commerce for outstanding service to the community.

Musica Nova Productions Ltd is involved in fundraising work for a number of charities in the UK, including the “Marie Curie Cancer Research foundation” through donations from a percentage of ticket sales from the concerts.

Musica Nova Productions Ltd. supports a wide variety of new or rarely performed music. Our ongoing collaboration with international composers organisations of Russia, Great Britain and USA, has resulted in the establishment of creative foundations, which allows many outstanding young artists and well-known masters of contemporary music to promote their art further through closer links with professional organisations and audiences.

Musica Nova past projects include the official launch of an International Music Series "Revelations" at St. John’s, Smith Square. As a part of this series we have promoted an exhibition of the young St. Petersburg painter Maria Kantorova at Hurstwood Farm Music Studios in Kent County, the London appearance of Moscow Experimental Theatre in the production of Marina Tsvetaeva’s critically acclaimed "Monologues from Inside", the International Music Festival "St. Petersburg’s Revelations" dedicated to the 300 year anniversary of St. Petersburg, the organisation and promotion of music master classes, workshops and concerts in St. Petersburg by American conductor and educator David Barg.