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Musica Nova Academy is a private establishment. As such, we receive funding from private sponsors only.

We are proud of outstanding results our students have achieved in the music field. It is our mission to provide vital encouragement to young people who are in need of the support. We have a number of exceptionally talented and promising students aged 8 to 15 years old, whose personal circumstances limit their chances of getting the best tuition. These students are often from a one parent family, living on income support. Although the Academy is doing its best to allocate funds to cover some part of tuition fees we are in need of much more support. The educational process, as well as the nourishment and development of a student’s individual talent, requires much more time and involvement from our teachers than the existing educational curriculum can offer. Each term at the Academy costs approximately £1500 – £2000. Fees, as small as £40 a month (£480 a year), will secure a place at the Academy. The competition for this funding is intense.

You can assist by taking an annual membership or becoming a Sponsor. We offer different levels of Sponsorship. Our Sponsors and their guests are treated as VIPs and are invited to all high profile concert events organised and promoted by the Musica Nova Academy. We also offer after concert receptions that are specially designed and organised exclusively for the Sponsors and Patrons of the Academy.

If you would like to discuss any of the above mentioned opportunities please contact us on 0207 833 0502 or e-mail us on