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Musica Nova
Musica Nova International Academy of Music

Rehearsal Studios

Are used on a regular basis by the Rockschool exam board as well as by professional music teachers, artists and groups, including Amor Quintet, CK Gospel Choir and Maestro Harlano Weeks.

*by appointment only

Dimensions and Prices:

Studio 1 – 3.60m x 2.40m price: £14.00 ph
Studio 2 – 4.75m x 3m price: £14.50 ph
Studio 3 – 3.5m x 7m price:
- £18.50 ph (2-4 people), £20 ph (5 and more people)
Studio 4 – 2.70m x 3.10m price: £14.50 ph



88 Cromer Street, King's Cross, London WC1H 8DG
Tel/fax: 020 7833 0502 / 07832341745