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Ivan Tikvicky

Ivan Tikvicky

Guitar teacher.
Educator, music theorist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, conductor.

Ivan has taught professionally and continuously for 15 years (music schools, private lessons, seminars). He teaches plucked string instruments (guitar, bass guitar, popular traditional instruments), keyboards (piano, synthesizer, Hammond organ), music theory (harmony, polyphony, arranging, the discipline of musical instruments, musical forms).
He has taught  in various music schools (classical, jazz, pop music).
He teaches to a wide range of ages: from beginners to advanced (individually and in groups), persons with disabilities and special needs.
With the quality of his teaching, I have earned the trust of my pupils, their parents, superiors and colleagues. He has inspired many of my pupils to become professional

Ivan  developed his  style of teaching by incorporating a combination of techniques that he was taught and further developed through playing and teaching.
He teaches by sight-reading traditional and contemporary notation, by the absolute and relative method and he teach by ear.
For precision in rhythm and tempo, he uses a metronome in his teaching.
He teaches pupils to be skilled in improvising with different style.

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Ivan Tikvicky Ivan Tikvicky
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