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Musica Nova
Musica Nova International Academy of Music

Composition and Improvisation

Who said that theory lessons might be boring?

The Musica Nova Academy has developed its own methods and approach on teaching composition and music theory. Our student achievements include numerous performances of their compositions at Musica Nova Academy concerts and on invitation from international music festivals in Europe. We are proud that works of our young promising composers are in demand by established musicians, ensembles and production companies. Our recent achievements include creation of the ‘Space Fantasy’ musical suite, dedicated to the space theme and planet ‘Earth’, combined of 11 music pieces and a video presentation.

At the Academy we wholeheartedly support students wishing to create and compose. The course is open to anyone. The ability to compose and improvise can be developed under the guidance of professional music teachers of Musica Nova Academy. Musica Nova graduates successfully further their education studying composition and improvisation at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Music Technology Course

This course has been designed for those students wishing to continue their studies at advanced level.

Goals of the Course:

  1. To illustrate all the theoretical and practical aspects of the production of a TV / Film soundtrack
  2. To generate interest in starting this kind of career, while making the students more aware of its structure


The course is directed by a well-established music industry professional guitarist, composer, songwriter, producer and teacher.


"Improvisation is the ability to talk to oneself" Cecil Taylor

The jazz improvisation class is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy creating music compositions and to get confidence in performance and improvisation. A dedicated tutor will help you to explore the world of jazz through easy-to-use rhythm studies, improvisation studies, instrument specific exercises and jam sessions with professional jazz musicians.