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Music theory, aural training & musicianship classes

Music is the most wonderful language of communication. As with any language, it requires one to learn the alphabet before embarking on a wonderful journey in the land of literature and poetry.

The instrumental music education is incomplete without spending time and effort on practicing aural training, improving one’s knowledge of music theory, harmony and form structure. We would advise students to start with lessons on theoretical disciplines.

At the Musica Nova Academy we teach all grades of music theory syllabuses with ABRSM and Trinity and Guildhall examination boards. We also teach counterpoint, harmony and jazz harmony.

Theoretical knowledge will help students to learn music compositions faster, to play in the ensemble, to be able to improvise freely and to arrange an accompaniment to a favourite tune. It is compulsory in the UK to pass the Music Theory 5 Grade Exam before moving on to the advanced levels of Grades 6 – 8 Practical exams.

"Seeing - listening – playing"

As Kodaly said, “a good musician should hear what he sees, and he should visualise what he hears”. In other words, a student should be trained to be able to read, listen to and understand music just as he reads, listens to and understands his mother tongue. Great musicians have this unique ability fully developed. It is true that some musicians can learn a music piece off by heart by studying it without the instrument.

The ability to internalise music and to reproduce it or interpret written music with a minimum of preparation can, of course, be developed. However, it is a gradual and time consuming process. We would strongly recommend our students to incorporate elements of aural training, such as singing scales, random notes and intervals, chords, sight-singing, in a daily practicing routine.

Musicianship Classes *from June 2014 (5 y.o. – adults)

Musicianship classes are offered to every student studying at the Academy. The classes take place every half-term, on a variety of topics and are directed by Musica Nova Academy teachers. The programme is a combination of creative workshops on music literature, history of music and musical instruments, exploring centuries of music development.

The Series of workshops for the rest of the academic year 2014 will comprise the following topics:

  1. The Historical Journey through the Land of Music.
  2. ‘Music Tales at the Piano’. P. Tchaikovsky ‘Album for Children’.
  3. Music Carnival. Sounds of nature in music by Saint Saens ‘Carnival of Animals’, S. Prokofiev ‘Peter and the Wolf’, E. Grieg ‘Morning’, O. Messian and Birds.
  4. ‘Music Tales with Strings’: violin, cello and guitar.
  5. Music Instrument – invisible voice. From opera to music shows.
  6. Young composer. Learn to compose film music. Meet young composers.
  7. Happy Saxophone in music by G. Gershwin and L. Bernstein
  8. ‘Magic Flute’ by W. Mozart.

Please contact our office for details.

Lenny Lawrence Lenny Lawrence
Composition, music producer, songwriter and guitarist