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ABRSMDates & Fees

United Kingdom


Autumn 2019 Practical and ARSM exams

Closing date for online entry: 27 September

Closing date for postal entry: 20 September

All instruments and grades

United Kingdom4 November - 7 December

Jazz exams

United Kingdom4 - 16 November

Practical exam fees

Prep Test£37
Grade 1£41
Grade 2£47
Grade 3£54
Grade 4£60
Grade 5£65
Grade 6£75
Grade 7£80
Grade 8£95
Performance Assessment£42
Ensemble: Primary†£80
Ensemble: Intermediate†£95
Ensemble: Advanced†£161
Choral Singing: Initial†£80*
Choral Singing: Intermediate†£95*
Choral Singing: Advanced†£161*
Choral Singing: Attendance Fee£54


* Plus £50 attendance fee if applicable
† Postal entries only – online entry not available

Autumn 2019 Music Theory exams

Closing date for online entry: 27 September

Closing date for postal entry: 20 September

Start time for Autumn (C) exams: 5pm

Exam date

United Kingdom6 November

Music Theory fees

Grade 1£28.00
Grade 2£30.00
Grade 3£33.00
Grade 4£35.00
Grade 5£38.00
Grade 6£42.00
Grade 7£45.00
Grade 8£48.00



Dates & Fees

Please note: dates are subject to change. Please ensure you check back prior to entry to avoid entering for the incorrect exam period.

Graded Music Exams

TermExam PeriodClosing Date
A1st February to 31st March  (2019)15th January  (2019)
B1st May to 31st July  (2019)1st April  (2019)
C7th November to 15th December (2019)23rd October (2019)

Popular Music Theory

Exam DateClosing Date
23rd March 201918th February 2019
20th July 201917th June 2019
14th December 201911th November 2019


The fees are separate for Band Exams and non-Band Exams so please see the respective table below for the appropriate fees.

Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass, Piano & Band Based Keys Fees.

GradeGraded Music ExamMusic ProductionPopular Music Theory
Grade 1£45.00£43.00£27.00
Grade 2£50.00£48.00£29.00
Grade 3£57.50£56.00£32.00
Grade 4£63.00£61.00£34.00
Grade 5£70.00£65.00£37.00
Grade 6£78.00£73.00£41.00
Grade 7£85.00£81.00£45.00
Grade 8£97.00£91.00£49.00

Band exams are only offered at Grades 3, 5 and 8. Please note that the prices listed below are per candidate.

GradeGraded Music Exam
Grade 3£30.00
Grade 5£38.00
Grade 8£46.00