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Musica Nova
Musica Nova International Academy of Music

Concert Platform and Recording Experience

Concert experience is an essential vital component of a quality music education.

The Musica Nova Academy offers an extended opportunity to its students to participate in internal and external concert events, competitions and various show productions throughout the year. All students, except those in their first year of the "Music Wonderland" Programme, are expected to give 3 – 5 performances every year.

It has become an excellent tradition to invite teachers of Musica Nova Academy and special guest performers, distinguished musicians and celebrity artists, to take part in our concerts alongside with students. Thissets the ideal level for professionalism, musicianship and performance to create an enjoyable and memorable experience of sharing music and establishing a bond with the audience.

It doesn’t matter if the concert hall is a tiny church or how big or small is the audience, it is important to deliver your utmost at the performance. At Musica Nova Academy we share our knowledge and expertise with students equipping them with techniques of concert preparation, methods of taking control over panic attacks and eliminating stage fright, boosting confidence and achieving great results.

Since Musica Nova was established in 2000, it hasgivenmore than a thousand performances in diverse concert venues across the country. Our concert tours have taken place in Russia, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Montenegro.

As a result of the liaison with leading cultural institutions and management companies, Musica Nova Academy is regularly given free and discounted tickets for major theatre productions and concert events in London.

Every year Musica Nova Academy is hosting international summer school "All Stars" for musicians aged 10-25 years old.This year it will take place in London between 15 and 26 of July and from 26 to 30 August The course programme is comprised of master classes and workshops on vocal and instrumental performance techniques (all levels/styles), resulting in a final Gala concert of participants at the end of the programme.

The ‘New Talents World Association’ has been recently established to provide scholarships to exceptionally talented musicians and artists that will enable them to study at the Musica Nova Academy. Fund-raising performances have been scheduled for July and October 2014.

Recording Experience

Vocal and composition department students are encouraged to gain working experience with professional music producers at several recording studios in London. Recording your voice or performance is equally as important for the educational process as for building an artist’s portfolio of music compositions or establishing own unique style and image.

For advanced students we offer individually designed Promotional packages.Our talented team is also at hand to provide assistance in creating accompaniment arrangements and tailored made bespoke backing tracks.