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Music Wonderland Program & Kid’s Music Club

Kid’s Music Club

Fun weekly Music Wonderland classes for children from 3.5 years old - 6 years old.

Music Wonderland Program

This is a unique approach to learning music and piano for a younger beginner. It allows children, not only to successfully learn music notation and develop their rhythmic and aural skills necessary for starting playing an instrument, but also to submerge into the magic world of music by listening to music performed by famous musicians, learning about composers and creating their own portfolio of stories and compositions based on the knowledge gained in the process of the lessons.
Every note represents a particular character from the Music Wonderland, with the use of magnetic boards and colourful educational materials.
Lessons can take place individually or in a group. The “Music Wonderland Programme” was conceived and developed by Evgenia Jakubowski-Terentieva and is based on the 25-years of teaching experience working with children in Ukraine, Europe and in the UK.
The programme is divided into 2 levels as listed below:

Info – Level I Preparatory classes (3,5 – 4 years old)

Level I "Pre-playing the instrument stage"
The programme presents:

Children entering Level I will be expected to complete at least one term. Upon completion of Level I they automatically transfer to Level II.

Info – Level II

Level II (5 - 6 years old) “Seeing – Singing – Playing"
As children progress through the curriculum they extend their ability to: